– Winemaking – 


Crafting G.X.CROCHET Champagnes begins a long time before harvest, with sensorial walks through the respective plots. Seeing, touching, smelling and tasting the grapes allows Gaëlle and Xavier to appreciate their maturity and aromatic potential.The grape berries are full of promise and allow a precise picking circuit to be established. Particular care is taken during pressing, and meticulous sorting allows separate vinification of the top quality grapes. The wines are vinified in thermo-regulated steel tanks or small enamelled steel tanks. Depending on their sensorial qualities, certain wines spend time in oak barrels to obtain a new « image ». Gaëlle and Xavier then taste the entire palette of wines : memorising the current year’s style for each grape variety, registering the spirit of each plot to enable them to blend the wines and recall each cuvée’s characteristics for that particular year.The precise, elegant cuvées, full of character, can now slowly rest for many months, before disgorgement and dosage complete the process towards reaching harmonious balance.

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